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Legacy Alert

Let's all welcome Legacy's younger brother, Round 10!

So my original
dream to turn the Legacy RPG Engine into a modular, changeable Role-Playing Game didn't work out as I had hoped. The Legacy Engine was made years ago for high-fantasy settings, and has been tweaked over the years to fit that setting more and more accurately. It now has so many small rules and individual values that attempting to take it and make it work for something like, say, space-fantasy, just causes too much of a hassle.

And so Round 10 was born! Round 10 is a simple, streamlined RPG Engine that strips everything away to the bare bones. It was created with the desire for an easy-to-learn, fast-paced and engaging tabletop role-playing experience. It's smooth, it's sexy, and it's ready for play-testing!

Round 10 is a system designed to fit into any sort of setting you wish to play in. Whether you want to play superheroes in a four-color comic-book fantasy, or a group of vampire hunters in the 1600's, Round 10 will provide you with easy and simple rules for every game, no matter what your desire is. It is your game, and with some slight tweaks or very minor adjustments to the existing rules, it will take on any form you wish!

Some changes have been made to this website to accommodate the Round
10 Engine, so some things you should expect to see are:

  • new Forums for Round 10 specific questions, concerns, and feedback.
  • Updated News Posts on my own game group's experience play-testing the Round 10 Engine.
  • Soon, official Settings Modules will be released in the Game Downloads section, including a document on creating your own Setting!
  • And much more!
Legacy News
Round 10 Play-Test: Turn 1
By Dloin Turtleback, Apr 26, 12 1:27 PM

So last week’s Game Night saw us play-testing the first “half” of the
introductory scenario for The Round 10 Engine. The scenario is set in World War II, with the
players taking on the roles of American soldiers sent to rescue American
POW’s... Read More

Round 10 - Fast-Play and Modular RP System!
By Dloin Turtleback, Apr 16, 12 8:21 PM

The Legacy Engine is no longer alone in the roster of playable RP Systems that I've written. When I originally created this website, I had the desire to turn The Legacy Engine into a universal RPG system that could be easily adapted to any genre, any setting, any play-style. It didn't take long for ... Read More

New Character Workshop Articles!
By Dloin Turtleback, Mar 21, 12 3:25 PM

Want to learn how to build the best character possible? The new articles titled Character Workshop will show you how! Stop over on the Players & Heroes page to read up on these extremely useful articles from the game-designer himself! The first article looks at... Read More

Lost Legacy on RPGNow.Com
By Dloin Turtleback, Feb 26, 12 7:02 PM

The website is slowly filling up with updated information on The Lost Legacy, yet this website is not the end-all be-all of The Lost Legacy. I'm currently working on rewriting the Core Rulebook into several smaller installments in an effort to get them to a point of professionalism ... Read More

Filling Up the Site!
By Dloin Turtleback, Feb 21, 12 7:13 PM

As of right now, the website has the barest of the bare minimums: downloads for the Core Rulebook, the Character Sheet and the Equipment Sheet. With these three resources you'll be able to browse the rules as you like, and practice creating characters.

One thing of note: The "Creati... Read More

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